A nickel / oak collection

The MONTANA collection with its scandinavian charm revisits the traditional wooden bar

Innovative products

  • Customize your curtain poles
  • Make it at your own needs and image

Follow the 2020 trend

Find the style:

  • Fancy from our contemporary collections
  • Ethnic
  • Wrought iron
  • Decorative chic

About us

We have 15 years of experience in designing curtain pole collections for the the majority of DIY stores and large distribution chains of accessories for window decoration. We develop “high-end” collections of curtain poles with a unique assembly system, combining different materials and finishes, wich bring real decor innovation to an international clientele always looking for novelty in the contemporary design.

Innovation products

  • Combine your favorite materials and colors yourself
  • Customize your curtain poles, make it a product that match exactly your idea and personality.
  • Harmonize the fabrics of your favorite suppliers with a curtain rod that takes up the main theme of the decor presented.

A suitable packaging for easy handling and transport

The design of our collections involve segments of metal tubes or oak sticks with a maximum length of 105 cm.

These assembly combinations of different lengths allow us to deliver curtain poles up to 4.00m.

Our system assembly standardization has allowed us to develop packaging common to all dimensions and collections of poles.

The size of our shipping box is therefore very small (15cm x 15cm x 110cm) allowing easy handling and transport.


Fast delivery for any lenght

  • Our decor curtain poles with standardized segments of tubes or wooden sticks, allows us to assemble any specific combination request, in a very short time even for special dimensions ordered by the customer.
  • The reduced size of our packaging (15cm x 15cm x 110cm) does not involve special transporters even for a bar ordered of 4.00m with a reduced cost and shipping security.