Getynd, the innovative concept

A new original concept by its assembly system and its compositions.

  • With segments of different lenght, materials and finishes, the  Getynd system allow the custom composition of curtain poles in increments of 10 cm from 1.00 m up to 4.00 m. The Getynd curtain poles can be easily shipped in packages of reduced dimensions* with brackets and end caps included.
  • This new concept, through its unique associations of different materials, its large choice of compositions, gives the curtain rod a real decorative function.
    Very good rigidity thanks to its  assembly  system, no cutting.
  • Security and delivery: a carton box contained in a protective overpack. Length  110 cm X width 15 cm X height 15 cm which allows shipment by carrier.
Getynd, the innovative concept
Un concept Getynd Innovant