Paddock D.30mm Nickel

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  • Capuchon Nickel
  • Disque Nickel
  • Nickel - Cuir Camel
  • Nickel - Cuir Corail

Support D.30mm Nickel

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Accessoires D.30mm Nickel

A 3rd th support will be delivered automatically for all lengths greater than 2.00m . This support is offered to you.


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Packs of 5 round rings

Round Rings - pack of 5 rings

Birth Tube

Birth Tube

Birth Cradle

Birth Cradle

Open Central Intermediate Support

Open Central Intermediate Support

Pack of 5 open rings

Pack of 5 open rings



The combinations of D.30mm Nickel Steel tubes with “Leather” segments bring a nobility look  to these compositions.
Cross stitch or straight stitching on the leather worked by our specialized craftsmen give this collection an unmatched touch of refinement.

  • Composition

    • Nickel-plated steel tube D.30mm
    • Leather segments D.30mm
    • Standard Bracket 11cm / 18cm / Double
    • Special Bracket “Placo” 11cm / 18cm / Double
    • Ceiling support
    • Side wall Bracket


1 – Information on our Brackets :

Only for curtain poles diameter D.30mm

  • And if you have windows or bay windows of large widths and you want to fold your curtain only on one side?
  • We have created a special Bracket and open Eyelets allowing the sliding of these eyelets over the entire length of the pole without being stopped by the intermediate bracket.




Due to its shape, the eyelets are not stopped by the central bracket and allow that a single curtain is used for the entire length of your bay window.


2 – Special contemporary Bracket “Placo”
(Large mounting base -85mm-)


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