Delta Curtain Track with Brushed Nickel finish

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  • Elite
  • Elite

Supports D.65 x 15mm Nickel Brossé

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A flat and elegant Aluminum profile curtain track with, with the possibility of different types of
central or lateral opening.
Upon receipt of your order, a technical information sheet will be sent to you to finalize your
– central opening
– curtain folds to the left or right
– supplied or not with the Wave system sliders
Front brackets, with choice of 11cm or 18cm length
Important: Whatever your curtain track length, with our aesthetic and practical joining system,
we will deliver in a packaging of 2.40m maximum

  • Composition

    • Aluminum track, 65mm x 22mm profile, Brushed Nickel finish
    • Nickel end cap
    • Long face bracket, 11cm or 18cm Bright Nickel finish
    • Equipped with Wave system Sliders , or not
    • Personalized opening according to customer information

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